"I focus on precise craftsmanship, attention to detail and vivid contrast between light and dark in my work. With these raku vessels, I continue to explore the light and the dark, the rough and the smooth, and my obsession with the raku process."

Steve Czerniel’s clay work began in the sixties on the potter’s wheel. By 1980, his pieces became entirely hand constructed. Much of his work at the time was pit fired; it has since evolved with a focus on the raku process.¬†

His clay vessels are defined by the fact that they are constructed in a very precise technical fashion, yet convey a coarse, rugged impression to the viewer.

For the last ten years, Steve has focused on texture and surface design by integrating individual hand cut tiles in his work.

His current work is constructed with the same focus on craftsmanship and technical expertise. Strong hand built slab forms are constructed in a variety of methods and later filled with thousands of clay tiles, each made and fired individually, then reunited with the frame.

Czerniel’s mother was an artist, and so he is an artist. He is self taught from the age of 10. Steve currently lives and works in Taos, New Mexico as a full time clay artist. He has now operated his own clay studio for over 35 years.